Thursday, 9 May 2013

Should I Repair or Replace my Windshield?

Windshields are a very important part of any car. The windshield is made of clear glass which is a brittle material by nature, this means that we need to be careful while driving and make sure that the windshield is in perfect condition every time we turn on the machine to prevent further problems.

When the cold weather comes, we need to scrape frost from the windshield which increases the chances of it being scratched. There also tends to be more grit and stones on the road than usual, and this movie could easily ride off the road and windscreen chips, especially when driving at such speeds on the highway. It is very important that you drive with a clear screen because if there is a chip or dirty, your vision will be impaired which can quickly lead to an accident.

If your windshield cracked or having problems you should immediately repair or replace it. Much like with wheel alignment, if this is not done immediately, you will have major problems when using your car.

Repair or Replace
It depends on the level of damage to the windshield of your car. If this is severe, you are required to replace your windshield. Should be to ascertain the level of damage to the windshield of your car, take your car to a trustworthy repair shop to get certainty the extent of damage.

Typically, glass repairs done if the damage is not severe. Auto glass repair can only be done on the slit glass or a very small chip-rule of thumb is, the smaller of the dollar bill. A windshield repair does not require removing the windshield, it could take 15-30 minutes, and the average cost to repair a windshield is $50.

During the auto glass repair, the technician can drill into the glass chip to allow easy flow of resin. Then the technician vacuums the air out of the break and inject resin into it to close the gap and keep moisture and debris out. Often the glass chips or cracks become nearly invisible after the windshield repair.

But if your windshield was severely damaged, you must perform the replacement. A deletion involving the replacement glass windshields and the current installation of a new windshield. Usually requires removal of the old glass enough force to break it.

After the auto glass installer removes broken glass, he would clean up and prepare the vehicle frame, and then apply the urethane bead on the frame for a new glass for vehicle bonds. You have to wait a few hours before driving your vehicle to let the cure urethane. A glass replacement takes 45-60 minutes and the average charge $200 and up.

So do not underestimate the damage to your windshield. Immediately repair or replace your windscreen if damaged to avoid disaster.

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