Thursday, 9 May 2013

Should I Repair or Replace my Windshield?

Windshields are a very important part of any car. The windshield is made of clear glass which is a brittle material by nature, this means that we need to be careful while driving and make sure that the windshield is in perfect condition every time we turn on the machine to prevent further problems.

When the cold weather comes, we need to scrape frost from the windshield which increases the chances of it being scratched. There also tends to be more grit and stones on the road than usual, and this movie could easily ride off the road and windscreen chips, especially when driving at such speeds on the highway. It is very important that you drive with a clear screen because if there is a chip or dirty, your vision will be impaired which can quickly lead to an accident.

If your windshield cracked or having problems you should immediately repair or replace it. Much like with wheel alignment, if this is not done immediately, you will have major problems when using your car.

Repair or Replace
It depends on the level of damage to the windshield of your car. If this is severe, you are required to replace your windshield. Should be to ascertain the level of damage to the windshield of your car, take your car to a trustworthy repair shop to get certainty the extent of damage.

Typically, glass repairs done if the damage is not severe. Auto glass repair can only be done on the slit glass or a very small chip-rule of thumb is, the smaller of the dollar bill. A windshield repair does not require removing the windshield, it could take 15-30 minutes, and the average cost to repair a windshield is $50.

During the auto glass repair, the technician can drill into the glass chip to allow easy flow of resin. Then the technician vacuums the air out of the break and inject resin into it to close the gap and keep moisture and debris out. Often the glass chips or cracks become nearly invisible after the windshield repair.

But if your windshield was severely damaged, you must perform the replacement. A deletion involving the replacement glass windshields and the current installation of a new windshield. Usually requires removal of the old glass enough force to break it.

After the auto glass installer removes broken glass, he would clean up and prepare the vehicle frame, and then apply the urethane bead on the frame for a new glass for vehicle bonds. You have to wait a few hours before driving your vehicle to let the cure urethane. A glass replacement takes 45-60 minutes and the average charge $200 and up.

So do not underestimate the damage to your windshield. Immediately repair or replace your windscreen if damaged to avoid disaster.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

5 Common Transmission Problems

 Most vehicles end up giving problems after a while and one of the common issues involves the transmission. Unfortunately, most drivers usually have difficulties when it comes to identifying transmission problems. Similar to a car engine, transmission generally operate at high temperatures and it could fail and overheat if the correct fluid is not used for lubrication. When this happens, the vehicle might give off a strange burning or chemical smell during operation. Keep reading to know more because this is just one of the transmission problems that you might have to deal with.  

1. Loud noises
If you hear a thumping, clunking or grinding noise when your vehicle shifts, this is a sure sign that you have a serious transmission problem that needs immediate attention. In case the grinding noise occurs while you are driving one of the manual transmission vehicles, this could mean that the clutch gear is not disengaging properly.

2. Transmission operating abnormally
This could mean a number of things, but one of the common and subtle indications that a transmission needs repairing is when it starts to hesitate or slip.  When you press the pedal while driving and the engine starts to rev up without the corresponding boost in speed or there is a hesitation when the vehicle speed up and you push on the pedal. Bear in mind that this problem usually occurs when you are starting a vehicle for the first time on an icy cold morning.

You might also notice that it is becoming even more difficult for you to move the gear shift in or out of the gears when driving a manual vehicle. With automatic transmissions, you might notice that the reverse gear go out or your vehicle slips out of gear in operation and this causes a roar in the engine.

3. Flashing warning lights
Modern vehicles have transmissions which rely greatly on electronic systems and controls. In most cases, a warning light will flash on the malfunctioning instrument to indicate that there is a problem. The diagnostic system on board your vehicle will register any transmission error.

4. Unusual sensations
Another way to know that a transmission is failing is when you fee unusual sensations or vibrations when driving. If you feel this when driving at one speed or any speed range, this could mean that a component in the transmission or the transmission itself needs replacing or repairing.

5. Leaking fluid
It is very important to use transmission fluid so that it can operate properly. If you start to see leaks or puddles of pinkish, reddish or brownish liquid under the vehicle, this could indicate a leak in the transmission from a defective seal or gasket.

Ensure that you get help from a qualified transmission mechanic or repair specialist if you are experiencing any of the problems above. This will help you to avoid further problems in the future. If your car is in need of an oil change, check out this list of Firestone oil change coupons.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Top 5 Seven Seater Vehicles

When it comes to crossovers and SUVs, you better opt for the roaring engines and the best space. There are many cars in the market that demand you attention with attractive features and great make. Here is our choice for the Top 5 seven seaters in the market.

Buick Enclave - The crossover SUV comes as a nice addition to the list. The 2013 model is umpteen and it boasts of better interiors and a more premium class look. It offers room for 7 passengers. Powered by a V6 engine it gives 17/24 city/hwy efficiency. It comes with auto transmission as well as an option for all wheel/front wheel drive. The fuel economy for this car is quite good, so are certain to get a good looking value for money machine.

Toyota Highlander - For a long quite drive with your family to the local amusement park or a national park, this car is arguably the best. Focused on families, this car has 20/25 city/hwy efficiency which is better than many others of the same class. You can get a 6 cylinder version or a 4 cylinder version with the V6 engine. However, there is also a hybrid version; however, the cost of this version may not be as lucrative. The car has front and side airbags for your safety and it boats of a better power management system as well.

Cadillac Escalade - For those who want a car that is spacious and speedy, the Escalade is a good choice. It has a V8 engine and certainly comes with a bigger price tag as compared to the others. However, the cargo space is also good, the vehicle is larger than others and it certainly gives you a very nice, smooth ride. However fuel economy isn’t great with 14/18 mpg in city/hwy. It also comes with an optional eighth person seating which makes it even better for families who are ready to spend.

Chrysler Town and Country - This car is the best choice for families when it comes to the seating comfort and the safety standards. The efficiency is 17/25 mpg in city/hwy which is quite standard. However, it comes fitted with a V6 engine, automatic transmission and a bigger cargo space. There are Stow n Go second row seats with and you will have a smooth ride.

 Chevrolet Traverse - A great crossover SUV, Traverse comes with a V6 engine that is standard for its class. However, in terms of last row seating and cargo, it offers a standard third row of seats and has more space than others which makes it a good choice. There are more features in this car than any others like audio controls mounted on the steering wheel. Overall, the redesign is a good choice for a feature loaded SUV.